sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

1 year being an au pair.

What did I do by this one year?

I followed my heart ...
I came to a country that is not is mine, living with a family that is not mine, but living a life that it is mine, well i think that I'm doing a good job so far.

I met wonderful people, others not so well ..
I visited places that were only in my dreams, others less...
I have learned to have more patience than I thought that it requires.
I learned that distance brings people closer, even very best friends.
I had bouts of laughter
I had crying spells
I learned that my family is the best family and always will be.
I learned to listen to others (especially to understand what they say)
I fell in love
I was disappointed and survived
I learned to be mother (a good one), sister and companion.
I learned and got used to having more independence than I was use to be.

Above all those things, I relearned that no matter what happens the only person which can lead my life is myself.
Life must be lived intensely.